If you have landed here, it means you are curious about who we are and why and how we do what we do. That's a great first step in the journey of conscious buying! Fueling our collective love for heritage, sustainability, and minimalism, STEM was born after four years of a life lived in deep visualization of aesthetics, understanding of local craftmanship, and discovery of design elements that are ethically and responsibly sourced. 

  Each product is sui generis, one of its kind. 

We work on a pre-order basis because inventory wasted is environment damaged. From leather sourcing to tanning and dyeing, we ensure that the people, product, and processes involved are given the utmost care. Our artisanal clusters are irreproachable and we believe in them all the way which is why we intend to preserve the authenticity of their craft while combining and recombining it with innovative elements, classic shapes, and multifunctional features. 

We hope you feel #STEMpowered each time you engage with us in this journey.